'Anabta, Eliyahu Crossing, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 29.8.11, Morning

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Shohana Z., Niba D., Nina S. (reporting), Translator: Charles K

Overall, the area is quiet; much commercial activity apparent, almost no military presence felt.  We saw the first sea squills of the season on our way to Jayyus, and then many more – fall has arrived, bringing pleasant weather.  The temperature didn’t rise above 79 degrees on the hills. 

06:35  Eliyahu crossing – about six people wait to cross. 

06:47  Jayyus gate north – the gate has opened, and on time.  Few crossing; according to the women from EPPPI it’s been that way recently.  Mule carts and tractors cross and also one woman.  All goes quickly; our friend the female MP is in charge.  The gate closes at 07:16 

07:30  Falamya gate – A tractor arrives with a boy aged about 10.  The father explains at length through the window to whoever’s within that he has to bring his son with him to help move irrigation pipes and open the faucets.  After the repeated explanation,  the person within is convinced and the father and son are permitted to cross.  A man arrives and opens sluice gatesinfo-icon on the water pipe on the Palestinian side of the fence.  He explains to us that the water comes from the direction of Falamya and flows to the other side.  He continues to the seam zone to open additional sluice gates, apparently for irrigation.  Few cross at this hour.


08:00 Jubara gate (the children’s gate) is quiet, a lighter flow of cars and taxi passengers than usual arrives and crosses to and from Jubara.  A donkey cart from Jubara stands next to the soldiers’ position, being inspected.  All the contents have been removed – lots of junk, and a bicycle.  All had been unloaded when we arrived and it took the young driver about 15 minutes to load it back on the cart – a few more inspections and he also crosses.


08:45  Shvut Ami – no activity.


08:50  Jit junction – An army vehicle near the junction on the north side, no soldiers visible; on the way back it was no longer there.


09:00  'Anabta junction – No coffee sellers or cars waiting at the junction.  An army jeep at the checkpoint but no soldiers visible; crossing is unrestricted.


09:35  The entrance to Qalqilya is open and unrestricted.


09:40  Eliyahu crossing – A compound under construction is separated by a very high wall in the parking lot south of the crossing.