Visit to villages A Dik, Bruqin, Wednesday 12.09.11 morning

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Yehudit Katz, Tova Heilprin, Dalia Forman, Hagar Zamar, Brurya Rosenwachs (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translator: Hanna K.

We entered Bruqin. There were very few people outside and most of the shops were shut.

Kafr Ad-Dik, There were few women at the centers both because of the preparations for the olive harvest and because of a misunderstanding concerning the time of our arrival. We worked with those who did arrive. The bead handicraft is very successful and the women advance beautifully.

We talked with the villagers who told us about the visits of the army this week. 8 vehicles arrived and sprayed with tear gas a house in which handicapped people live.

They told us that sometimes the army blocks the way to the olive groves in the morning.

One of the residents complained that the army doesn't enable them to erect small storage rooms near the plantation to store working tools.

It is important to indicate that they got building permits for those storage rooms, and notwithstanding this the army doesn't enable them to put them up. We tried to call the center for civil rights, but haven't succeeded in contacting them yet.

They also asked to our help regarding a sick person and we referred them to the doctors' organization for human rights.

Ale Zahav – in this settlement a massive building is in process. The outer houses almost reach Deir Balut.