Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Jit, Thu 22.9.11, Morning

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Ety K. Aliyah S. reporting


8:35  Habla, agricultural gate #1393

The gate was open and one soldier was on duty. He was very polite and answered all our questions. The gate is open everyday from 7:00 to 9:00. All of those who go through the gate must go through an inspection in the building. Sometimes knives have been found in the workers bags. Some time ago an explosive device was found by the soldiers post; it was exploded by the soldiers and no one was hurt.

8:45  Eliyahu crossing -There's a new wall not far from the gate.

Qalqiliya CP-

 The road is open in both directions and no soldiers are in sight. A taxi driver told us that there are no problems there.

9:00   Nabi Elias and Al Funduq -An ordinary work day was in progress

9:07   Jit Junction and Sara -

The junction was decorated with many Israeli flags and flags of the area as well. (Of course, no Palestinian flags were in sight.)

There's a new large house being built near Sara, but outside the main village area.

Dir Sharaf -

 At the village we spoke with J. at the mini-market. All is quiet, there are no problems. We asked their opinion of the possibility of a Palestinian state. One fellow was rather pessimistic and said maybe in 85 years. J. was very noncommittal.

9:30   Road 60-

The road to Jenin that goes past Shavei Shomron settlement is open and traffic was going in both directions.

9:40   Beit Lid -

 We turned into the road to Beit Lid. A short way after the entrance there is a gas station which we were not sure was open. But in big red letters on the canopy it said, "B-LEED". That is a very cryptic message.

9:55   Kafr Tsur –

 There is a nice new road with a traffic circle in the center of the village. A large sign says that the road is a gift of the American people to the Palestinian people.

10:00  Kafr Jammal -

 We visited the mini-market of Z. He complains that since the barrier between Qalqiliya and Tulkarem, by Eyal crossing, has been built he cannot get to his olive trees. But he didn't complain too much. Mainly he and his wife were full of praise for the trip his wifeand children went on to the sea in Bat Yam. They haven't stopped talking about that wonderful day, and are dreaming of the nexttrip they will be able to join. They served us Jafa juice, a product of Palestine, and tea and white coffee from Saudi Arabia, andbottled water, the product of Palestine.  Z. doesn't believe that there will be a Palestinian state, but a young fellow who sat at the side and listened to our conversation doesbelieve that within 1/2 year to a year they will have their state.