Habla, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 27.10.11, Afternoon

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Rachel Levi, Yudith Levin (reporting and photographing)

Translation: Hanna K


14:00 Samaria Passage – There is no Police presence

14:05 An armored military truck in front of us before the turning to Bruqin

 Ariel Industrial Zone – Perpetually in the process of building.

 14:20 Za'tara CP – There are no soldiers in the checking booths, there are soldiers in the watchtowers. At the CP fence as usual gigantic banners, put up by the settlers, hanging without disturbance.

Immediately behind the CP there is a stuck military command-car. There are soldiers around it.

14:25 A military jeep in the streets of Huwwara

15:15 A command-car and behind it a military jeep in the streets of Huwwara.

 15:20 Huwwara CP – We saw no soldiers at the checking posts.

Here too, as at the Za'tara CP, settlers' notices hang freely on big banners.

There is a lively traffic of vehicles in the direction of Nablus and from it.

A soldier sits in the watch post at the entrance to the Beraha settlement.

15:38 A bit after Kedumim settlement an Israeli police vehicle stop a Palestinian vehicle.

15:50 immediately after Azzun a military van overtakes us.

At the Habla CP/gate #1393 we were told that in the morning one of the children (about 14 years old) seemed to have irritated the soldiers at the CP, so they didn't permit him to continue to his school and detained him at the CP.