Hebron, Tarqumiya, Wed 9.11.11, Morning

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Raya and Hagit S. (reporting), Guests: Orit and Odeda

Translator:  Charles K.

Today, when we arrived, we were glad to see, facing us, our acquaintance, Dudi, the assistant manager of the Tarqumiyya crossing, and even more pleased that when we returned he was there and insured we weren’t delayed by annoying and unnecessary inspections.

No problems today at the entrance to Kiryat Arba, but it’s difficult to watch Giv’at Avichai expanding.  Today we already counted 9-10 buildings and an automobile.

Two armed Border Police soldiers stand at the blocked entrance to the worshippers route; at Curve 160 the soldier stands outside on a concrete block with weapon drawn – an “exhilarating” sight.

The Pharmacy checkpoint is completely quiet.  Today’s still a holiday – Eid al-Adha – there are few cars and people around, and many children in the streets.

A sign:  “Amona, Migron…We’ll be there!”

Shuhada Street is empty, two pretty relaxed paratroopers at the Tarpat checkpoint, people simply going through the facility.  We ask, “What finally happened with the teachers from the Kordova school?”  The lieutenant replies:  All of them have to go through the scanner.  It’s been checked; there’s no problem of radiation.

Coffee and ceramic bowls at ‘Abed’s, Border Police soldiers across the road detain a few youths briefly, inspect and release them.

A large group of Hungarian tourists passes on its way to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Everything’s good as usual at Azzam’s metal shop, Orit orders tables and a stove, Raya orders a portable barbecue.

The grocery across the way has excellent cucumbers for pickling.

As I said – we cross smoothly through Tarqumiyya on our return