Hizma, Qalandiya, Wed 23.11.11, Morning

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Shoshana H. and Ronny P., Translator: Charles K.



We arrived at 06:00 and it was a difficult to see how again only 3 of the 5 posts designed to check the hundreds of people going to work are open. When we called  the police headquarters at Kalandia  we are told that every complaint has to be sent to the DCO . The DCO officers only arrive at 06:00 and claim that after surveys they learned that real pressure begins at 06:00 .It is very frustrating to  have these conversations because we arrive earlier and have observed for years!!!! that people arrive even before 05:00  and there is almost always a long long line at the carousels. This time the real problem was the line of cars and we took the Hizme checkpoint route to avoid what seemed like close to half an hour wait to get through this checkpoint.