Bruqin, Haris, Kifl Harith, Kufr alDik, Wed 2.11.11, Morning

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Dalia F., Nadim – driving, Tova H. reporting

Translation: Hanna K. 

09:00 Haris -there are no people on the street, the villagers are busy olive picking, the children are at school.

10:10  Kif'l Haris –it is quiet in the village, the shops are open.

10:20  Bruqin. We passed through the village

10:45  Kafr ad Diq–At the club the women are very busy threading the beads. The results are impressive.

12:15 –They are all in a hurry to begin preparation for the forth coming  Eid el adha feast. We part with wishes for happy holidays.