Haris, Jama'in, Kifl Harith, Kufr alDik, Wed 26.10.11, Morning

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Patchia Akfa, Nadim – driver, Tova H. (reporting)

Haris, Kifl Haris, Qira, Jamma'in, Bruqin, Kafr ad Dik   26 October 2011 #

Translation:  Suzanne O.


Haris 09:30 

The roads are totally empty, the shops are open.  The villagers are busy with the olive picking, the children are at school.

 Kifl Haris 09:45

Quiet.  We met a clothes shop owner who told us that 10 days ago settlers destroyed the whole day's olive yield of the village of Yasuf.

Jamma'in 10:20

The man from the petrol station complained to us about settlers who looted the olives that the Palestinian villagers had picked.  "You want olives, no problem, ask – but don't use force".

Kafr ad Dik  10:40

At the women's club the bead stringing activity goes on with great enjoyment and with the help of Patchia who translates the instructions.


12:45 We left