Etzion DCL, Wed 30.11.11, Afternoon

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Ruthie Elraz. an Zivit Nevo. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
Etzion DCL 3:00 pm: the DCL was empty apart from a father from Isawiye who was hoping to release his 17year-old son, who’d been arrested along with two friends in Bethlehem.
The father had been waiting from 1:00 pm since a policeman manning the area had instructed him to wait and then vanished.  We weren’t able to figure out the policeman’s whereabouts.  We gave the man a colleague’s phone number (she wasn’t available), and tried to help him figure out what to do (one of the youth, the vehicle owner, had been released one night earlier).
A Bethlehem resident arrived, who was refused attention on the previous Monday (the Bethlehem day) due to insufficient personnel.  He tried his luck unsuccessfully (“let them learn to arrive on the right day”).  We couldn’t coax the guard at the DCL.
Another case of a delayed person (?) who arrived with a Jerusalem-based employer was directed by Ruthie to call Sylvia.
We left at 4:20 pm.