Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Women

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

I arrived late (10:30) because of traffic jam. I heard about the day's deliberations from Advc. Mahajne only at 09:15 the same day.

They brought a detainee down the stairs, blindfolded and shackled, and again there was an argument with the investigator, Sergeant Major Aatef Ouida, about orders that are not obeyed.

The judge, Major Itai Regev, did not intervene.

Before I got there, three cases were heard – of detaineesinfo-icon prohibited from meeting a lawyer.

Only Advc. Nizar Mahajne was present today.

Our forces stroll around the territories, in Palestinian houses as though their own, and each night they bring us more fish.

Guardian of Israel never sleeps... The “visits” for the purpose of arrests are only at night when people can be woken and parents, brothers, babies can be frightened – and everything in the house can be smashed in the search for suspects. Today too there are 14 detainees, six of them prohibited from meeting a lawyer.

Most arrive today in filthy clothes.

 Requests for remand extensions are now up to 18 days because of “the complexity of investigation” – all investigations, obviously – and also because of the Jewish holidays, according to Sgt. Maj. Aartef Ouida. In any event, Ouida ran the deliberations with a high hand. He mocked the defence attorney’s questions, made them irrelevant, pushed to end the already short discussion between advocate and detainee, pushed the warders to remove the suspects – in short, he was the leading actor in the show.

1.  Yusuf Mahmoud Muhammad Elbaz, ID 905016010, Qalqiliya, arrested 29.7.08, request: 18 days remand

Accused of possessing el Qaeda material and instructions for preparing explosives on his computer. Already detained more than a month..

Decision: 18 days remand. 

2. Prohibited Nimer Iman Aaref Hag Muhammad, ID 850556952, Beit Furiq, arrested 29.9.08, request: 15 days

Prohibition, five days from 2.10.08.

Decision: 15 days. 

3.  Hamad Aatsem Hamad Shnatir, ID 410599534, Nablus, arrested 18.9.08, request: 16 days

Defence: Advc. Mahajne for Advc. Abed

Decision: by agreement of parties 16 days. 

4.  Prohibited Said Farid Walid Freitah, ID 950333690, Nablus, arrested 29.9.08, request: 15 days

Prohibition, four days from 3.10.08.

Decision: 15 days. 

5.  Prohibited Isser Magid Ibrahim Salah, ID 852455674, Ramallah, arrested 18.9.08, request: 11 days

Prohibition, (additional) four days from (so written in the instruction form, without noting date of commencement).

Decision: 11 days. 

6.  Fatah Nasser Fartah Eisha, ID 853076701, Nablus, arrested 17.9.08, request: 16 days

At the request of the judge, he shows the court a deep scar (seems the size of a football), in his back. He was injured, luckily not in the spine, by a tank machinegun seven years ago (when he was 12). He suffers pain in the back which causes leg cramps. The pain keeps him awake at night.

Decision: 16 days and medical treatment. 

7.  Sharif Hussein Abu Oud, ID 852328202, Nablus, arrested 17.9.08, request: 16 days

Complaints about an old injury (a year ago) and leg irons that harm the stitches.

Decision: 16 days and clean clothes. 

8. Haled Mahmoud Halil Aatzi, ID 850517616, Nablus, arrested 16.9.08, request: 16 days.

Decision: 16 days. 

9. Mustafa Hassin Mustafa Sharaka, ID 850368648, Jilazun, arrested 22.9.08, request: 16 days.

Decision: 16 days. 

10. Haled Midhat Naim Gazal, ID 907568042, Nablus, arrested 4.9.08, request: 11 days (great surprise at the short remand request – the defence ask for the request to be repeated).

Decision: 11 days with the agreement of the parties. 

11.  Muhamad Rashdi Ibrahim Tzalah, ID 850977349, Ramallah, arrested 18.9.08, request: 16 days

The detainee complains of pain in the back and burning in the eyes, asks to be transferred elsewhere.

Decision: 16 days. He is to get proper medical treatment and transfer to an appropriate detention centre. 

12. Prohibited Muataz Ahmad Sharif Nahle, ID 850042904, Ramallah, arrested 8.9.08, request: 11 days

Prohibited for four (additional) days from 3.10.08.

Decision: 11 days. 

13. Prohibited Muhammad Napad Aadel Musa, ID 851990697, Nablus, arrested 18.9.08, request: 15 days

Prohibited for four (additional) days from 3.10.08.

Decision: 15 days. 

14. Prohibited Sannabel Nabag Yusuf Bariq, ID 852474386, Nablus, arrested 22.9.08, request: 11 days

She is accused of throwing acid in the face of a soldier at Huwwara Checkpoint. The investigator answers the defence questions, saying that he cannot detail the charges, because they are in the classified material. She is 20, a second year law student.

Prohibition, two (additional) days from 5.10.08.

Decision: 18 days.