Bruqin, Wed 7.12.11, Afternoon

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Fathya Akfa, Yehudit Levin (reporting, photographing)

Translator: Hanna K.


Arson at the village of Bruqin

13:40 We reached the village of Bruqin. The villagers told us:

Between two to three in the morning there was a sound of an explosion. The nights are very cold, everybody is inside the houses. When they looked outside they saw the yellow shovel truck in flames.

Not far from there the carpet at the entrance to the mosque was set on fire and the entrance door and the roof of the entrance to the mosque began to burn.

Not far from there, on the main road, they saw a private car parked under an apartment building – burning as well.

On the wall of the mosque graffiti was sprayed.

In a conversation with the villagers they remembered that a week before, in the late hours of the night a black jeep with Israeli number plates hung around in a suspicious manner. When they opened the windows that jeep disappeared.

We could see quite near that burned private car, which was parked under the columns of the apartment building, a big gas container which serves the residents of the building. Luckily it didn't catch fire.

The villagers showed us Muslim prayer books which were found in the car that was completely burned. The books were unharmed.