Kifl Harith, Kufr alDik, Qira, Wed 16.11.11, Morning

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Tova H., Bruria R. (reporting)


Translation:  Suzanne O.


It was a rainy day (a great thing for the Palestinians because their wells fill up), the roads were deserted and many of the shops were closed.


The shop owner we know at Kifl Haris was not there.


At Qira we found an open shop and talked to the owner.  There have been no irregular incidents in the village during the olive picking but she knows that in Zeita Jamma'n settlers brought sheep into the olive grove.  When we asked what damage had been caused she said that year on year the yield of oil the farmer gets from his trees goes down because of the damage that the sheep cause.  In one of the 'visits' the settlers paid to the grove they threw stones and damaged a tractor.  In this case, she said, other settlers came and threw out the attackers, we are not sure they were settlers, left wingers or guards in civilian clothes.


Theft of crops:  one of the farmers left sacks of olives on the road and they were all stolen, apparently by settlers.


At the club in Kafr ad Dik we energetically continued the bead stringing led by Tova, they produce beautiful necklaces and are preparing to show them at the bazaar which will take place a Salfit in two weeks time, if they have enough we will offer them for sale at the Cinematek conference.