'Anata-Shu'afat, Abu Dis, Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 30.1.12, Afternoon

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Rahel W., (reporting) a guest from Jerusalem



It was a dismal, rainy, foggy afternoon.  We went first to the Anata checkpoint in time to see children from the Israeli side returning home to the other side of the checkpoint and vice versa.  There were no delays, however it was not pleasant watching the children having to walk over 100 meters to and from the checkpoint in the pouring rain on their way to their respective destinations

Al Ezariya 

When we arrived at Ezariya, we were somewhat apprehensive about taking the new road from the town center toward Wadi Nar because of the weather conditions.  Even in good weather, the new road can be treacherous – especially since vehicles of all sizes are known to ignore the one way direction and approach on coming traffic.  However, we wanted to get to Wadi Nar and were uncertain about getting there via the confusing roads of Ezariya and Sawahra so we took the new route.  PLEASE NOTE!  PERHAPS AS A RESULT OF THE INCLEMENT WEATHER, THERE ARE SEVERAL VERY BAD POTHOLES ON THE ROAD – ABOUT HALFWAY UP THE ONEWAY PART OF THE HIGHWAY AND AVOIDED HITTING ONE (WHICH COULD HAVE TORN A TIRE TO PIECES) ONLY AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT!.  For those taking that route, please drive slowly and keep your eyes peeled on the road ahead.

Wadi Nar 

There was very little traffic at Wadi Nar and, perhaps because of the weather, we saw no workers going through during the time we were there.  Traffic moved quickly and uneventfully.