Haris, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Zeta, Tue 17.1.12, Morning

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Yehudit Katz, Devorka A. (reporting)




Zaatara: Soldiers on both sides of the road to Huwwara, checking vehicles. In the northward direction a line of about 20 cars.



Huwwara: At the CP soldiers are standing in the direction of the exit from Nablus, but didn't stop cars. When two of them came up to us we asked what had happened that at Zaatara checks are carried out. They replied that this was the instruction and added "believe us that there is a reason".



Zeita (near Jam'in): We had arranged beforehand to arrive there in order to meet women who had contacted us via Nadim and asked us to come to them and act together. When we arrived their organizer, an elderly woman who is also the Koran teacher in the village was waiting for us. She and a man invited us to enter the handsome building of the mosque and the local council, and to join a group of men who had gathered there for a meeting. The men too received us cheerfully. There was a visitor there, a representative of World Vision, a Christian organization which assists the villages all over the West Bank in subjects such as amplification. Education etc.


They told us a bit about the village and heard from us about Machsom Watch and our activity during the last years. When the subject of the settlers' harassment came up they said that the settlers don't come to them, but suggested we visit the village of Yinoun where the settlers harm the villagers a lot. In the course of the conversation it became clear to us that the woman who invited us had heard about us from another functionary in Ra'afat, with whom we have tried to cooperate last summer.


At the end of the talk with the men and the organizer, we went with her to the place where the social meeting takes place and where about ten young and elderly women were waiting for us. Again we got to know each other and we suggested to them to meet once a week for physical activity, bead threading and language study. We suggested English, but they preferred Hebrew. We told them that we would be happy to learn Arabic from them and the organizer suggested we do it during our conversations with them. We decided to begin the meetings next week.



Hares: Women from Hares too approached us, via Nadim's phone and asked to meet us. We didn't succeed in contacting them beforehand and when we arrived at their meeting place there wasn't nobody there anymore. We left a message that we have been looking for them and for them to contact us.