'Einabus, Haris, Huwwara, Jama'in, Zeta, Tue 24.1.12, Morning

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Bruria Rosenwachs, Jehudit Katz, Devorka A. (reporting)




Hares. First meeting with a women's group whose coordinator has contacted us via Nadim and asked to meet and to organize different activities with them. We told them about Machsom Watch. The women expressed interest and asked that we organize different activities with them. They heard about us from the coordinator of a women's group in Ra'afat.


We promised to begin on Tuesday English studies and handicraft with the intention for them to sell them.  The women were ready for us to come several times a week, but we explained to them that that was not possible at the moment. They also asked us to come in the afternoon or on Friday-Saturday in order to teach the young girls English when they are not at school. We promised to look for a possibility to do that in the future (any volunteers?)



On the the roadside in the direction of Kif El-Hares a military jeep and commandcar were parked.



Zeita. After we met last week the coordinator and a small women's group, this time about 30 women arrived for the reunion. They opted beforehand to learn Hebrew. We split into two groups and Bruria and myself taught them the first steps. We agreed to meet in the future on Wednesdays and to work with them in groups for threading, gymnastics and alternately Hebrew. We still need a Hebrew teacher, to enable us to teach every week and to be more effective. The women are full of drive and the atmosphere in both places was very pleasant. In future we shall try to organize Arabic lessons for us in one of the two villages. 


Simultaneously Jehudit continued the tour with Nadim).



Jam'in – more shops were open and an activity on the street was felt.



Huwwara – The road is open in both directions and the CP isn't manned.



At the exit from Hares  the CP on the road leading eastwards was activated. Three soldiers stood there and ordered the driver and the passengers of a passing car to get out for checking, including their papers and the trunk.