Bruqin, Haris, Kufr alDik, Shomron Crossing, Tue 31.1.12, Morning

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Yehudit Katz and Karin Lindner (reporting)


Burukin, Kafr A-Diq, Hares Tuesday January 31st 2012




Samaria Gate – about five vehicles on each of the lanes on the road to Israel.



We turn off from road No. 5 to road no. 446 in the direction of Aley Zahav and from there to the left, beween big concrete blocks, on the way leading to Burukin and from there to Kafr A-Diq.


Burukin – most of the shops are still shut, the shutters are closed, there is little traffic on the streets.


Kafr A-Diq – we stop near the council building, exchange words with the adjoining grocery and with H. The children are still on leave from school.

We find out that the western exit from the village which was blocked the week before, has been opened, and we leave and drive again amidst the big blocks in the direction of the junction with road no. 446 and from there back to road no. 5. We continue to the Emmanuel junction and from there to Hares.



Hares – at the council building we meet the head of the local council and are joined by some inhabitants.

Seven inhabitants received two days before building cessation and demolition injunctions for houses which are in different stages of building. The injunctions were given to the owner of the building or the building contractor without names but with an exact indication of site and plot.

One of the inhabitants complained that he had begun building on his own land another house next to a house that had been occupied for years, and that he received an demolition injunction for both. We learned that they have a lawyer who takes care of the matter.

We went to the adjoining building where a big group of women were waiting for us. We told them about Machsomwatch. Then they split into two groups for activities.



We returned through the Samaria Gate. There were no delays.