Bruqin, Haris, Kifl Harith, Wed 11.1.12, Morning

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Tova H., Hagar Z. (reporting)

Translator Suzanne O.



9:45 a.m. There are a lot of children running about on the road.  Nadim explained that today is the start of the school holidays.  The children have, apparently, finished their examinations.

 We continued to drive in the direction of Kif'l Harith, on the way we saw the ruins of a house.  We were unable to find out when and how the house was destroyed.

 Kif'l Harith

10:15 a.m. There is no one around – deserted.  Towards the end we saw 5 women walking on their way to somewhere – all dressed in black.


10:30 a.m. The entrance from Road 5 was open.  On the way we saw the burnt mosque again as well as the car which had been set alight and which was still there, burnt out – so that they on no account forget the 'price tag' which they paid.  There is heavy rain and the town is completely deserted.

 Kafr ad Dik

10:50 a.m. We got to the women's club.  This time the club was full of plants.  Some of the women gave out plants and some of them dealt with the money, apparently from the sale of the plants.  In this situation it was difficult to start the activities.  It took a while to set up the room designated for yoga (the plants had to be removed and the floor had to be cleaned because of the mud).  When the room was ready Hagar started the yoga class which continued for about an hour and a half.  This time 3 little girls aged from 8 – 10 took part in the class as they had no school.  Tova continued with the beading class.  It is important to note that many women spend time at the club doing nothing – watching those doing beading or just chatting…

 At about 1:00 p.m. we left for home and drove via Burqa