Russian Compound, Jerusalem

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Observers: Hava H. and Nurit S. (reporting)

Military Court—Russian Compound, Thurs. July 5, 07Observers: Hava H. and Nurit S. (reporting)Although we arrived at 10 am, we waited to be admitted for about 40 minuets. It seemed that all of a sudden the person in charge of admitting us forgot about routine visits.Judge: Sargent Noam BirmanA translator was present but he rarely translated anything. 1-Prisoner Morad Salhav was arrested on May 21 and was up for the fourth extension of his detention after 50 days in interrogation. The prosecution requested an extension of 11 more days.The charge: membership in the organization of Al Jamaya al Islamia and provision of services to a hostile organization.  The services provided were related to the campaign of the Hamas during elections (such activities as arranging the chairs at a meeting or hanging posters calling for votes for the Hamas). In one of the clauses of the secret file the grave offenses allegedly committed by the prisoner are described. Defense Lawyer Mamun Hashim  requests the conclusion of this lengthy interrogation and that the detainee either be released or charged. Attorney Mamun Hashim tells the court that the detainee suffers from health problems and pain in his kidney.The lawyer tells us that this man is most probably detained as a measure to presser his brother who is also detained or in some relation to his brother's arrest.Verdict: Extension of detention for 5 more days. The second hearing was of a detainee who is "denied" and we as well as the detainee and his defense lawyer were not allowed to hear the charges against him (which are kept secret in order to "not compromise the interrogation"). 2-Two young Palestinians prisoners were brought on charges of Drug Dealing. They are presented at this court despite the fact that they are charged with criminal charges rather than security charges because the crime was committed in the occupied territories.The prisoners confessed. IN this case the prosecutor of the police, Moti Greenfeld, presented the charges rather than an army prosecutor.  Their detention was extended for another week.3- Prisoner Nasser Isa hasan Shucha, was arrested on June 6 and the prosecution requested an extension of detention for 15 more days in order to continue his interrogation.  The interrogator Avi Akiva said the "interrogation was progressing nicely".  We wonder : what does that mean? Is the detainee incriminating other people or himself or both? The charge: membership in the Jihad and participation in its activities.The judge requests that the translator translate in to Arabic and the protocol is written in Arabic (first time we've seen that). 4- prisoner Jalal Abed Shcade Masri    Interrogator Avi Akiva    Defense Lawyer Mamun Hasim   There is a secret report and protocol. This detainee was accused of making explosives last year.  The material relating to this accusation has been in the hands of the GSS for a long time.  The defense lawyer wants to know why GSS decided to arrest the detainee only now, after such a long time.  He does not receive an answer.  The detainee denies the accusations.  Verdict: Extension of detention for 8 days.