Reihan, Shaked, Wed 22.2.12, Morning

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Hanah H., Yocheved G.

Reihan-Barta'a 15:00

We bring Ali back from Rambam Hospital to the checkpoint.

Sparse traffic streams along, and two windows are open. 2 workers are detained due to lack of passage permit. We ask how was it in the morning at the Artach (Taibe) checkpoint and they reply, "much worse".

15:30 Contrary to the smooth beginning, now the turnstile is stopped every few minutes and the window is closed which causes pressure and disorder. Again this phenomenon repeats itself – dealing with Palestinians who return to the West Bank stops those who wish to cross over into the Seam Line zone. This delays everything and creates a traffic jem.

16:00 all of a sudden an entire group which had already gone through is sent back because one of them did not present his papers properly. They all need to undergo inspection again, which causes 50 more people to wait outside.

Occupation goes on as usual.

16:30 – We left.