Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Zeta, Wed 15.2.12, Morning

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Tova, Hagar Zemer, Neomi Benzur, Ofra Tene, Dvorka (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.


10:40 Zeita – We had a distressing surprise; instead of the group of women, a group of men was there, waiting for a funeral ceremony which was due to take place there.

It turned out that the organizer had gone to Abu Dabi, as she had informed us beforehand, but the substitute which she had appointed for the period of her absence, omitted to inform us of the change.

We met some of the women in the new minimarket. We agreed with them that they should organize themselves for next Wednesday, and that they should be in touch with us in case there was a new problem. We continued our tour.

11:30 Huwwara CP – no vehicle checking. When we approached the observation post two soldiers descended and told us politely that we were not allowed to stay. We went away.

11:40 Za'tara CP. – about 20 cars are delayed in the queue for passing on southwards, because of checks performed on one of the cars at the CP. The queue disappeared in a few minutes.

The entire site between the parking lot and the CPs was surrounded by concertina wire. The soldiers explained that in the evening people will come to pray at Joseph's tomb in Nablus, and the army prepares itself "to separate the religions". There were many soldiers loitering there, a hint of the great army which was due to arrive there in the evening to keep order and guard the orthodox.

12:15 We arrived (by way of Bruqin) to Kafr Ad-Dik. There we met the coordinator of the club, with whom we used to work in the past, and intended setting out with her to observe the new construction in the area of the Ale Zahav and Leshem settlements.

When we arrived at the western exit we came up against enormous stones which the army had erected in order to block the access to the main road.