Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 20.3.12, Afternoon

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Rachel Hayut (report and photos), Ronny (a guest)


12.30 Bezeq CP –We went through.

Despite the mist and last few hot days, the area is still full of many colored flowers. The herds still can enjoy the plentiful green. Today we did not see any soldiers' exercises. A new net fence decorates the new neighborhood of the Maskiyot settlement, the one above the road. We saw a hole in the gigantic embankment. The embankment is decorated with patches of green like a beginner's beard.


13.05 Hamra CP

Orange and black flags (battle engineering) are still flying above the shelter on the road. The machine for x-raying bags is still in operation. Pedestrians are directed to the new path that was smoothed for them. The commander comes over to ask if everything is all right with us. Despite the fact that he is a soldier from the battle engineering corps, he does not have the usual decoration of a foot knife. In the past it was explained to us that this "is the presentation look of the brigade." He confirmed this and also reserved the rule for another of his companies. He directed a group of school girls from the road to the path (see the picture at the bottom). The girls did not want to walk on it; the commander insisted, and explained to us that he cannot know what the schoolgirls have in their school bags, "and things have happened…." So it is much better for them to walk on the path that is at a distance from the CP.  "OK …. Maybe, too, the dangers of the road are also a good reasons for this path."


While he stands beside us, the cars are allowed to go through in a line without waiting for a sign from the post. For the most part cars with workers went through. In a few of them documents were inspected.

We met some acquaintances from Z's family and from that of A.S. We met a couple from Tamoun who have been living in Copenhagen for many years. The man pointed sadly to the CP and told us that they left after a large part of the family's lands was taken for the Settlement of B'kaoth and for the CP. Now they are returning from a visit, on the way to Aman in order to fly back. A man from Jordan – while waiting for a taxi and for his bags, was very moved when he saw us. He asked about what we were doing, asked to have his picture taken, received a marker from us with the address of our site and left us his card.

14.10 – Things are quiet. We left.


14.30 Tyasir CP

At the entrance to the base there is a mobile food truck with soldiers around it. Somebody not in uniform looking like a "boy of the hills" with his large skull cap, long side curls and print shirt, yells at us "Go away from here!" "I'm the commander of the sector," he answered our question. After he returned to his own affairs near the 'Gazlan, we climbed up to the inspection post. We were not banished and the officers paid no attention to us. We asked people who arrived opposite us what was going on. A woman told us that they feel that the soldiers poke fun at them and they do not always behave courteously. All the soldiers at this CP are religious and the picture on the gate hints that they belong to the Kfir Brigade. It says: "Welcome Operation 97" and the ultimate slogan follows: "Tomorrow war". Buses and minibuses with workers who greet us go through.



15.00 We left.


14.20 Bezeq CP

Who are you? Where do you come from? This time, the person in the CP said he must inspect the baggage compartment of our car.

He did the inspection and let us go.