'Einabus, Haris, Huwwara, Jama'in, Kifl Harith, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 8.5.12, Morning

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Naomi Ben Tzur, Yehudit Katz, Bruria Rosenwaks (reporting)Charles K translating

We began at the Shomron gate.  There was a checkpoint there today, but we didn’t see cars being stopped and inspected.


We drove to Jama’in, and then to Einabus.  Many children were in the streets.  We asked why and were told that today was a day of support for prisoners and schools closed early.

We met an old acquaintance in Einabus who owns a second-hand store.  He’s now opened a grocery.

In the past he’d asked us to help him obtain a permit for his daughter to visit her husband in prison.

We tried many times to obtain the permit but weren’t successful.  Today he told us that the husband had been released in the Gilad Shalit deal and his daughter’s family is in Gaza (the husband lived in Gaza before his arrest).

We drove on to Huwwara and saw many military vehicles driving on the main road.  Cars are intermittently stopped for inspection at the checkpoint.  When we arrived, passengers were being removed from a car that was inspected by a dog.

No one was detained, and they continued on their way.

People crossing the Za’tara junction from north to south are also inspected, but only documents are checked.

There were no unusual incidents at Kifl Hars and Hars.

The women awaited us at the Hars club; we held classes as usual.

On the way home there was still a checkpoint at the Shomron gate for people entering the West Bank.