Haris, Kifl Harith, Wed 11.7.12, Morning

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Dalia Furman, Yehudith Katz, Devorka Oreg

Natanya translating.


9.45 It is already hot and the streets are almost empty.Haris


Kif'l Hareth. Here the situation is the same. We met our friend, the shopkeeper. In answer to our question he said that it had been a long time since the army had last entered the village to arrest young men at night. He explained that their village is quiet but there is  one very difficult problem and that is that at night 1000s of settlers come in under guard of soldiers to pray at the “graves” of Caleb Ben Yefune and Jushua Ben Nun.

At least twice a month,  about 50 days a year in the night at about 22.00 thousands of religious settlers come in, sometimes tens of thousands, We asked again and again if the Hebrew was correct and this man whom we have known for years as truthful and serious, emphasized that the numbers were  as he said.

They come in on the main road of the village. They go up to the graves. Dance and sing loudly. Sometimes they bring food with them.

At about 20.00 before their arrival the soldiers come in to the village to prepare the area and this is a great nuisance.

10.30 we left and drove to Zeita to our weely activity with the women