'Einabus, Haris, Huwwara, Jama'in, Qira, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 16.7.12, Morning

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Rivka Raz, Harriet Goiten, Hagar Zemer (reporting), Translator: Charles K


09:45 – Hars. The village is quiet, no soldiers and few locals. We went to see the tomb which according to tradition is that of Caleb ben Yefuneh. The settlers visit the tomb, leading to confrontations with the villagers. It might only be the tomb of a sheikh, but “blessed be the believer…”

10:10 Qira. We came to the Women’s Club where we teach English and yoga (in two shifts). To our surprise, it was closed!!!
We waited a bit until a woman came to tell us there’s a funeral today of a relative of many of the villagers. So all the women went to the funeral, or to the ceremony prior to the funeral, rather than coming to the club. She said they tried to call Nadim a few times but his cellphone was off.
As a result, we decided to make a longer circuit than usual. We went to a local grocery and talked to the saleswomen.

11:00 Jama’in. The quiet of a burning summer day in the village. The streets are very dusty and deserted, all the shops are closed and we see almost nobody outside. Nor are there soldiers.

We continued along a lovely road – green hills and valleys. Despite the torrid summer, the Samaria landscape is still green and fresh.

11:10 Ein-Busa (the kiss). The village is relatively clean, quiet and pleasant to look at.

11:20 Huwwara. No soldiers. The town looks as it does every day, nothing special happening.

Huwwara checkpoint. No soldiers, no car being inspected. Everything is very quiet.
We stopped in Huwwara at a grocery and spoke a bit with the salespeople.

11:30 Tapuach junction. Only two soldiers. No vehicle being inspected.

12:00 Back to Kafr Qassem, and home.