Reihan, Shaked, Wed 8.8.12, Afternoon

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Yocheved G., Hanah H.


15:00 – 16:30


15:00 Shaked checkpoint

 People, vehicles and stuff cross over on both sides.

Passage is swift.

The checkpoint commander tells us of their effort to allow the locals  as normal lives as possible but does worn us of various clashes – He offers ample stories of aggressive behavior of some residents.


16:05 Reihan checkpoint

  Workers return home, mostly from Israel, We're under the impression that due to the Ramadan there are less people going to work in Barta'a.

Passage is swift without delays or problems.

Family dressed in Holiday attire return from Jenin.

We were approaches by this gentleman whose family own the coal business on the way to the checkpoint. According to him, he received a court order stating that the plant needs to close down by Oct.24.12. They are no longer allowed to bring in new logs of wood but are entitle to keep the wood that they poses until that date.

Despite the above,  trucks came over to his plant and confiscated all wood that was there.