Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Shooting, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Russian Compound

We, together with the attorneys, are requested to wait in the Russian Compound parking lot, because the judge has not arrived yet. It is 10:00.

At 11:00, when the judge arrives, we are allowed in, after the usual check-ups.

Justice Fleishman makes a procedural comment: attorneys must wear ties in court.

There are 11 cases in the docket, one of them barred (from meeting with an attorney).

We observed four cases of remand extensions.

Judge: Fleishman

Police investigator: Itzik Yacobof

Attorneys: Shkirat Fahmi,  Shaludi Fuaz, Munzar Abu Ahmed, Avi Bar'am.

The first detainee is represented by Atty. Shkirat Fahmi, who had occasion to talk to his client before the trial.

The Police Investigator requested remand extension for 17 days.

The detainee is from the village of Azur. He is accused of opening fire on a group of settlers who had attacked his family.

Atty. Shkirat: Is this detainee implicated in the attack on the settlers?

Investigator Itzik: Yes, there is a connection to the attack on settlers.

Shkirat: What did he use to fire at them?

Itzik: This is confidential and under investigation.

Shkirat: The settlers were shot at. Were any of them injured?

Itzik: I already stated that settlers were involved.

Shkirat: Could it be argued that he used the weapon to defend himself and his family?

Itzik: We'll examine all the angles.

Shkirat: Was the IDF present?

Itzik: I cannot go into details.

Shkirat: When did the incident occur?

Itzik: I cannot give any details.

Shkirat: Are there any other allegations, apart from the shooting?

Itzik: Basically it is about the shooting.

Shkirat: Does he have a security record?

Itzik: Yes.

The judge adds: A long one.

Shkirat: Any combat materiel found?

Itzik: No.

The judge asks the detainee if he is willing to surrender the gun he used.

The detainee says, Yes.

The detainee wants to add something, but the judge warns him not to repeat anything he already said in the interrogation. He might say things that will damage his case. It's better not to talk.

The judge's decision: The investigation is in its early stages. The suspect does not deny the allegations. He acted out of self -defense.

At this stage, the court cannot accept the detainee's version. According to the documents submitted there's evidence that he had part in the incident, hence, the police should be allowed to finish the investigation...

Thus, remand extension for 11 days, and the accused is required to return the weapon.

What about his abdominal complaint? Does he need a doctor?

The detainee says he does.

The judge orders that he be seen by the doctor at the detention facility

(in Petah Tikwa) within 48 hours.

The second detainee is represented by Atty. Shaludi Fuaz.

There is an agreement between the two sides, but the attorney draws the judge's attention to the fact that the detainee has undergone surgery in his hand and is in need of medical attention, which he has not had so far. He requests  immediate medical examination.

As for the other two remand extensions, there is agreement between the two sides and no medical problems.