Beitar, Etzion DCL, Tue 24.7.12, Afternoon

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Yael L.-J., (reporting); Avital F. driver and translator


Etzion DCO


We did not expect much bustle, but from 14:50 till 16:00  8 men (just one couple with a toddler between) came in and passed. There was one soldier behind the counter. Except two men, who had to wait 5 minutes, everybody could pass immediatly and ordered to another room, in which we could not look. Following the number of Palestinian cars on the parking lot,and the number of Palestinians we saw, a lot of people must be waiting inside the room we cannot enter.


 Beitar (Zur Hadassa)


A new and almost elegant checkpoint with friendly soldiers and not much traffic  


It looks as if some checkpoints and the places, where Soldiers and Palestinians can get together in a visible conflict, are getting a "Make up"