'Anabta, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Kufr Jammal, Te'enim Crossing, Tue 28.8.12, Afternoon

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Alex Weizman, Karin Lindner, Shoshi Inbar Reporting: Karin and Shosh


We went to check what has happened regarding the lands of the Kafr Jam'al village which have been confiscated from the Palestinians in the Kohav Yair area



Habla – We arrived very early and there wasn't anybody at the CP.


A tender with a white number plate arrives, makes a round and leaves. From the direction of the village

one can notice one vehicle.


The military vehicle arrives and the organization begins.

The yellow arm opens slowly

13:10 The first person passes through the turnstiles and enters the checking work-station. Two women with their two children enter the checking work-station.


Our friend, who in the past has told us that his authorization had been taken from him and he had thus

been prohibited from working in Israel, arrives on his bicycle. His authorization to work in Israel has

been renewed but only for a month and twenty days. He takes care of the prolongation of his

authorization, and finally does smile. His daughter is getting engaged and he has a bit of money for the


13:20 A vehicle and a tractor enter the village after having been checked and following them comes the plant nursery vehicle and the old man on his horse driven cart. All in all everything is calm and there is no special activity.


 We leave.



Palmia – the crew, 2 soldiers and one military policewoman approach as. They enquire politely who

we are. Two military vehicles arrive and a few soldiers descend from them. They explain that they

make it possible for the farmers who pass the CP to drive on the designated and authorised road

to their lands but only northwards because when driving southwards one approaches the Zofim

settlement. There are no special events and we leave.

On a gravel road twisting between vineyards and agricultural structures, we arrive a the main road (574)

and turn to the left, northwards, to Kafr Jam'al.


14:15 Kaf'r Jam'al – At the grocery we meet Zohir and the members of his family, polite as ever. We came

to hear about a decree that was issued to them (according to the newspaper) about the evacuation of lands

bordering on Kohav Yair. Another man who had more details but didn't speak Hebrew joined us, and

the situation became clearer after Peyahya talked with them: When they applied to the DCO and at a

meeting a few farmers held with the army near the Palmia gate, they were told that a few small changes

in the delineation of the fence were possible, but that they had no reason for fear, they would not be

harmed. In addition they got a notification about the army's request to prolong for four years the

""temporary requisition" of the land which served in the past as the heliport for Barak. And Zohir asks why

are they approached now? They were not approached when the lands were requisitioned first.


Zohir complains that there is an authorization to enter Israel as a tradesman, but as a land owner he and

his children are not allowed to pass on to their lands beyond the fence and to take care of them.


It turns out that in the village there are areas of A, B, and C. The inhabitants whose lands are in the

C area do not receive building permits, and when they begin building they receive noncontinuation orders.


The Israeli Government took the lands of the inhabitants of Kafr Jam'al and Kafr Tzur in order to build

Salit, a cooperative settlement in which only 100 families live, and whose red roofs cans be seen on the

horizon. Beneath Salit the Palestinians have lands, but because the gate which enables the farmers to

reach them is, according to him, opened just for a quarter of an hour in the morning and in the afternoon,

they don't pass there much.


15:15 Kafr Tzur – At the entrance to the village they are working on  widening the road. We go up the hill

and stop at the new mosque to observe the view and a section of the separation fence at the bottom of the



We return to the square and continue eastwards (in the direction of El Punduk). Near Ras El Burg we turn

left on a road that is not marked on the maps, through Beit Lyd to road 557 (57 on the signposts) and turn

left, northwards, in the direction of Anabta.

On road 557 there is a military vehicle and two civilian ones, before the junction to Enav.




In front of the CP there are four vehicles and one taxi parked We went to see what had happened..


They say that the passage is open all the time and that they are waiting for their relatives. There are no

problems they tell us smiling. It is difficult to make out whether in the watch tower there are soldiers.

We buy figs and take roud no. 557 in the direction of Netanya.



 Teenim CP – we are asked to present papers (is it because I wear a MW badge?). Around us

construction works are in process in order to include Jabara in the Palestinian Zone but changing the

delineation of the dividing fence


 Irtah – Efraim CP – There are many Israeli cars on the road returning to Israel after the Palestinian

workmen have descended.


A lively stream of those returning home. They greet us. When we ask how the passage is in the morning

they answer "much better. There is an improvement. Thanks".


A security man stops us at the entrance. He has never seen Israeli women entering the area. Alex gives him a visiting card of Machsom Watch and after a brief consideration he says: "Occupation? Where is the occupation?" and immediately summons his commander. The commander looks at us and lets us continue.



We get on road 444 on our way back to Tel Aviv.