Haris, Tue 4.9.12, Morning

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Naomi Bentzur, Yehudit Katz, Bruria Rosenwaks (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

We arrived at Hars in the morning. There was only one class today, for English, so Naomi taught and
we made a circuit after deciding that next week we’ll finalize the meeting times of the new and the old
groups during the period of the Jewish holidays and the olive harvest.

We began on Highway 505, toward Barkan. The new construction in the settlement is proceeding
rapidly. We drove through Bidiya and Mascha; we didn’t see anything unusual. We continued on the
road that crosses under Highway 5, through Zawiyya, Rafat and Deir Balut. We turned toward Kufr a-Dik
and saw the massive construction underway at Alei Zahav. In addition to the buildings that have been
almost completed there’s a new area prepared for construction.

We visited the club in Kufr a-Dik where we’d conducted activities last year. They’d received electric
sewing machines and received training in sewing. Today the machines are idle, waiting for work. They
urgently asked us to connect them with an entrepreneur in the ready-to-wear business. If anyone
knows such a person, please put them in touch with the Center for Empowering Women in Kufr a-Dik.
You can do so through one of us, either Bruria Rosenwaks or Yehudit Katz. The villagers are very pleased
with the improved water situation. The club’s director said there’s now water all day long.

The demolition of buildings in Area C continues.

They very much want help during the olive harvest.