Al Nashshash, Beit Ummar, Bethlehem (300), Nabi Yunis, Mon 13.8.12, Morning

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Haya O. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


7.40           Husan


07.50  Al Nashshash 

No-one came to consult us


08.30  Beit Ummar


We gave Sylvia’s telephone number to a man whose work permit was taken from him three months ago, and he was put on the GSS-denied list. He is a father who cannot feed his children, and of course he is extremely worried.


Another fellow, denied by the police, said that “they extended my term”, meaning the length of his denial. This is almost standard (procedure) because usually the police give a longer  restriction period than was set by the court. And how will he be able to feed his children ?


Lately, more and more people have been referring to the matter of food for their families. 


09.00 Nabi Yunis


1. Achmad  has a big debt in Israel because of (police) reports

back to the year 2000. Of course he is on the police-denied list and cannot  get a work permit. Ada arranged for the sum to be reduced and payments spread over many months. It is impossible to pay the money into banks in the occupied territories, so each month he meets us and gives us the 315 shekels that was fixed. Today he was already paying the seventh  voucher out of eighteen. He also asked us to find-out whether at long last he can receive a work permit, because after-all he  has been punctual with his payments (and anyway, if he misses a payment, the permit will be revoked).  We shall ask, but the chance is small.


2. We gave Sylvia’s telephone number to Ahmad’s brother, who

    is also on the GSS-denied list.


3.  Nimmer – an elderly man – met us for the second time.  Last

     week we spoke to the policeman at the Etzion DCL about

     Nimmer coming  to receive the traffic reports that his

     son, who was abroad, was late in paying. The policeman

     agreed.  When Nimmer met him, the policeman said :

     “where is the son’s power of attorney ?”, and sent him home.

              Later, when we asked the policeman if being  a family

              member isn’t sufficient (after all, the son is abroad), he said

              that he would give the vouchers to the father. So Nimmer

will have to go again to the Etzion DCL, after we have            

     spoken again with the policeman.


In addition to the above, Nimmer told us, and even showed  us, official letters about it, that 65 dunams were taken from him in order to build another suburb of Kiriat Arba ( and he even suggested to me that I should drive with him on Road No 60, and he would show me the lost land). This was the reason for his son going to Norway, but there also his situation is hard. When the father has the reports in his hands, he will send his son money to pay for them, and then – if everything succeeds – the son will be able to come for a visit without being arrested at the Allenby bridge.


I could continue to detail several more cases of hardship that we heard about today, but I will stop here.