'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 27.9.12, Afternoon

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Observers: Neta Golan, Shula Bar (reporting and photographing)

Translator:  Charles K.




1.  Shaked checkpoint (one of the small checkpoints) is filled with fences, sheds, emplacements, signs, traffic lights, gatesinfo-icon, huts, barbed wire and – a pedestrian crossing.  From where to where?  For whom?

2.  Reihan checkpoint – a view from afar:  


the nearer parking lot charges a fee, the farther one is located within the area of the checkpoint.  All the vehicles are new, ATV’s, family cars, luxury cars.  We hardly see junky Subarus any more.

3.  Reihan checkpoint, the upper entrance to the terminal:  A tight knot of people waiting.

4.  The congestion dissipates.  Note the small coolers instead of plastic bags.


15:00  A’anin checkpoint

Three tractors and a few pedestrians returning to the village of A’anin after a day working or hanging around in the seam zone.  The soldier says to one of them, “Come on bro’, come on.”  

A Tura resident is employed as a cleaner at this and other seam zone checkpoints, as far as the central West Bank.  He’s blacklisted from entering Israel (apparently 


 because he has no children), but can drive his car around the seam zone.  He worked for 30 years in Israel as a painter, and misses his Jewish friends very much – “My brothers.”


15:40  Shaked/Tura checkpoint (300)

Another hallucinatory checkpoint which is being upgraded, not necessarily for security reasons.  Whoever wants to learn the hypocrisy of the enlightened occupation is invited to visit the northern checkpoints which have been groomed ad-nauseum.  A lot of money has been spilled here  to create the appearance of virtue.  Here are some guys from Wadi ‘Ara completing the installation of a curved plastic roof over the fenced corridor.  It will provide shade only when the sun is at its zenith, and stop only the rain falling vertically – but let’s not minimize it; a roof is a considerate gesture that tweaks the occupation’s cheeks, letting it blush modestly at its own humaneness.    Not to mention the money the Ministry of Defense pours into the pockets of the contractors building fences, stanchions, plastic installations and the rest of the checkpoint apparatus.


16:10  Dothan-Yabed checkpoint

On our way to the checkpoint we saw that the road to one of the access roads to Yabed  which obviates taking a long detour to reach the town is closed and locked by an iron bar.  A military vehicle is parked nearby – a kashrut supervisor.

Heavy traffic at the checkpoint itself, flowing in both directions.  A pair of soldiers approaches to say hello.  “Everything ok?  Did you get stuck here?”  Yes - for 45 years.


16:35 – 17:00  Reihan checkpoint

Congestion and some confusion at the entrance to the terminal from the seam zone.

An emotional meeting between Neta and the seamstresses.  “We haven’t seen you for a long time,” one of them says.  My sister.

A few detaineesinfo-icon seated on a bench inside the terminal.

A guard directs those waiting:  “Those with Israeli permits to the right, those with Barta’a permits to the left.”  Their brother.

Within fifteen minutes the congestion eases and the line disappears.