Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Mon 24.9.12, Morning

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Hagar Z. (reporting), Nadim (driver),Translator: Judith Green


09:50, Kfar Harat

Quiet.  Not a single person around, everything is closed.  In the central plaza  a Palestinian flag is flying.  We also noticed some evidence of building.  At the edge of the village, we saw two women in black.


10:00 Haris

The streets are empty, only towards the exit did we see two women with children.  All the shops are closed except for a few Grocery shops.


10:10 Kirah

The village is totally quiet.  We went to the women's club.  Again, they are late and we wait.  It could be that the long break, which started because of Ramadan and the summer heat, was the reason.  Before the break, when we arrived the women would be waiting and there were a lot more of them.  We hope that towards the winter there will be a change for the better.


When the room filled up (10:30), we did a yoga lesson for everyone and afterward, an English lesson.  The women joined in both activities with a lot of willingness and thoughtfulness.


We started back at 12:30; travelled by way of Haris and the Shomron checkpoint.