'Awarta, 'Einabus, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Wed 31.10.12, Morning

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Tamar S., Aliyah S. reporting




8:45 am:   We entered the territories through the Shomron Gate. We decided to drive through 

Ariel to see if there was anything new there, and also

                 as Tamar had never been there. There is a large new neighborhood on a hill farther to the east of the built up area.


                Huwarra: The checkpoint was open and cars were driving through freely in both directions. An army jeep was standing in the parking lot.

                Four soldiers were standing and sitting near the jeep looking entirely bored. They barely even glanced at us.


               The checkpoint at Awarta was open and empty. We drove through Awarta hoping to be able to talk to our contact there. His workshop was

               open but empty. We continued through Huwarra and Einabus. In Urif we saw a family harvesting olives. We stopped to talk to them and

               to take pictures. It was a delightful Shahada family activity. A half year old babyinfo-icon sat in a swing-chair as his mother, aunt and grandmother

               hit the trees to bring down the olives, and his father handled the heavy bags full of the fruit. The baby quietly watched the activity going on

               around him.


              We drove through Jammain, Zeita, Kira, Kif'l Hareth and Haris. Life seemed to be going on quite normally. We saw a few more groups harvesting

              olives. At 11:15 we left through the Shomron Gate.