'Einabus, Huwwara, Jama'in, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 9.10.12, Morning

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Naomi Bentzur, Bruria Rosenwaks (reporting) Translator: Charles K.



We took Highway 5 to Za’tara. The parking lot is almost empty; one military vehicle, and no soldiers in the positions.


On the way to Huwwara we saw a military jeep parked before the turn to Yitzhar, but there was no military traffic, nor were there soldiers at the checkpoints and traffic flowed.


The main road in Huwwara is being widened; foundations are being laid for streetlights. Residents told us it’s the municipality’s initiative.


The streets of Einabous and Jama’in are fairly empty; many residents must have gone to harvest olives.


We ended our circuit in the grove belonging to one of the members of the club where we hold classes, and helped a little with the harvest. We’ll now do so every week in different groves.