Al Nashshash, Beit Ummar, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 15.10.12, Morning

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Haya A. (reporting). Bracha B.A. (translating)


From Jerusalem to Nabi Yunis (the entrance to Halhul and Hebron on Route 60)


Hussan, 7:30 AM: people came to inquire about police matters.

Al Nashshash, 07:30 AM: the same thing occurred at Al Nashshash.

Liaison and Coordination Administration at Etzion, 8:00 AM: close to 100 people are waiting in the waiting room for magnetic cards, the security service, all kinds of permits, or a policeman By 08:45 no one had gone inside, We called to ask what was going on and they said they would find out.

Beit Ummar, 9:00 AM: people came to ask about matters regarding the police and the security services.


Nabi Yunis, 09:30 AM: people were doing the same in Naibi Yunis .


We are under the impression that there are more and more people being prevented from entering Israel, which prevents them from working in Israel or in the settlements. The economic situation is growing worse every week and we sense this from people's continuous complaints and sad faces and their requests for help. We saw jeeps and "hummers" along the entire way.