A visit to two villages, Azzun and Burin. Sunday 18/11/2012

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Rahel A., Tzvia S. (reporting)
We visited two villages on the west bank, at first heading towards Azzun. The route  was quiet, as was Azzun too. We visited B., who opened a second-hand shop on the road to Thulth. He told us that on the previous Thursday there was army activity in his village with soldiers conducting searches for suspects. His brother's apartment (in the same house as his) was searched, causing much damage and finally detaining his nephew. They still don't know where he is. As usual, the cause must be that someone from their village informed on him - that he threw stones. B's kids- bearing the memories of five months back - wet their beds through the night.
Exiting Azzun at around 16:00, we saw a military vehicle (an "Abir") parking across from the entrance to the village. There were five soldiers there and we resolved to talk to them on our way back. We then headed for Burin via Jit and Highway 60, encountering military vehicles all along. We spoke with G., as we had intended to purchase ten bottles of olive oil from him. He dissuaded us from entering his village as there were many demonstrators and soldiers around. We decided to meet him on road 60 above the village. There he hurriedly told us that the soldiers were detaining every Palestinian daring to stand on the road, so he handed us the oil and was right off. He deterred us from driving to Huwarra, which we were intending to do, as there were riots there, with stone-throwing, gas, etc.
We returned to Road 55, again noting the large number of military vehicles along the roads. The "Abir" at Azzun was still there with four of the soldiers holding their guns in position. They asked us who we were and Machsomwatch was unfamiliar to them. But then one of them recalled that when they were instructed for their jobs, an officer had mentioned MW as a woman's group "spying" after the military and reporting to the Palestinians on the whereabouts of the army on their internet site . Beware of them! We asked them if they ever checked out our site. "No. Why should we?" "Aren't you curious?" we asked. They then told us that they were shown a film about a young Palestinian youth at Huwarra CP -  all wired up, with 100 IS in his pocket - his pay from the terrorists. And how lucky that the soldiers caught him in advance. The soldier  said he was from Kibbutz Kefar Ruppin and had graduated from TA University in Computor Engineering.
We went on to remark: "and do you believe everything you're told"? "Yes, if its by our commander or on TV, we believe!" "Weren't you ever told to check out things for yourself? we asked. No, they smiled, "we're not interested!"
At Eliyahu CP we were asked where we came from. Guess what our reply was...