'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Habla, Huwwara, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 23.10.12, Afternoon

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Petahya, Tova (reporting), Nadim (driver) Translator: Charles K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


13:20 We went through the Eliyahu crossing; a truck had been stopped for customs inspection. The Habla agricultural gate is open; carts, cars and people with children cross to Habla.


14:00 The gate closes.


Funduq – Shops are open, people in the streets.


Huwwara checkpoint isn’t manned; no cars go through.


14:20 Burin – We met the mother and sister of the youth who’d been arrested in his home in the middle of the night, compelled to admit throwing a rock and sentenced to seven months in prison. He’s in the Meggido prison. His parents had also to pay a NIS 5000 fine and hire a lawyer. He was about to take his matriculation exams; now he’s lost a year of school.


A man named Munir tells us how settlers from Beracha and Yitzhar attacked olive pickers, cut down trees and injured people. Residents of Burin complained to the IDF; soldiers are guarding the olive harvesters. A sack of olives on the shoulder, soldiers to the left and right. The settlers are fine.


We were also told about a woman hospitalized after being hit in the head by a large rock. The incident happened in the olive grove next to the road from Burin to Huwwara, near the quarry.


We’re outraged by the Palestinians’ helplessness in the face of harassment by the settlers and the regime.


The streets of Huwwara are filled with people; traffic is heavy.


15:00 Deir Sharaf – Stone cubes remain on the road where the Shavei Shomron checkpoint had been located.


Anabta-Te’anim: Soldiers in the tower; no one around.


Jubara checkpoint: An armed female soldier asks for IDs. We’re in Israeli territory.