Kafr Thulth, Jayyus, Thursday 20.09.12

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Micki Fisher, Miriam Shaish

Natanya translating.



The village of Kafr Thulth.

We came for another visit with the mayor of the village. He told us of extreme difficulties in the opening of gate #1263 mainly delays and unpunctuality in opening in the afternoons. Since our last visit the manner of presenting requests has been changed. Every week about 10 to 15 requests have been made for the olive harvest. Each request contains the names of the owner of the land and the workers he needs, either members of the family or workers. Before that 42 requests had been made of which only 7 had been granted. For the olive harvest 37 requests were made for 116 people and up to now no replies have been received. They hope for a reply before October 2012 which is before the holiday season knowing that if they do not get a response by then, it will be too late. This village is organized and most of the requests go through the clerk of the municipality.


Jayyus. At the entrance to the mayor's room there is a frightening display of grenades and other explosives curtsey of the IDF.             .

M. who works at the municipality, tells us of his lemon orchard which is in the Seam Zone and which he cannot get permission to enter. He also tells us that about a project to lay a water pipe which will bring water to the village from the wells which are in the Seam Zone. There is coordination with the Israeli authorities and they hope the work will be completed in 9 months.  Today the water is drawn from Azzun.  There is also a building of a fence in process at a new alignment around the village.


M. also told us that he is involved in everything and does not have much time to talk to us. To our surprise he does not know the new regulations and is not interested in hearing about it. He says that the farmers of Azzun refuse to present separate requests as regards the olive harvest as they will then receive permits for a shorter period. Therefore a list of the owners of the land and their families together with the documents will be presented as before, 161 people, in the first weeks of September. No responses have as yet been received.

A list of the villages which have land in the Seam Zone: Mas-Ha, village of Kafr Thulth, Az-Zawiya, Jayyus, Saniriya, Ras Tirah, Kafr Jammal, Falamiyah, Khirbet Jaloud, Izbat atTabib, Khirbet Isla, Nabi Elyas, Kafr Tsur, Azzun, Dier Balut and maybe there are some which have been forgotten.

We would like to map out the number of requests which each has and to follow up on the permits, the passages and the restrictions. But it is above our capabilities.  We ask the women who want to go out and those who are to join this endeavor to accept our help with anything else and to be in touch with us.