Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Zeta, Mon 31.12.12, Morning

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Riki T., Rachel A. (reporting), Nadim (driver), Translator: Charles K.


We drove on Highway 5 to the women’s club at Zeita; at the Barkan junction we took the road running parallel to Highway 5 through the various villages.

All of them were quiet.  Few people.  Few shops were open.

There is no sign of the army, soldiers or military vehicles.  Nothing.


A number of women and their children awaited us at the Zeita club for their first lesson.

Suzi, who leads the patchwork group, returned the work that she had been holding, and most of the time was devoted to it.  A few women remained to work together with her.

Riki led the Hebrew class, “Good morning, first graders.”  Some of the women attending had already studied part of the material when they were in Dvorka’s class, whom they remember very fondly.  Others are new, just starting.


It’s very impressive to hear them speaking Hebrew and enjoying the class.

I wasn’t able to conduct a short class because of a shortage of time and the administrative procedures.

We’ll always have the next week, God willing.