Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Mon 14.1.13, Morning

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Noa Sa'ar Heiman (new participant), Hagit B. (Reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.



A lovely, sunny day.  The remains of the snow are visible on the Hebron hills…and in Hebron.  But the beauty doesn’t conceal the ugliness of the occupation.


The back-to-back truck transfer area at the Meitar crossing is being expanded.  On our way back we see a Border Police pickup truck next to the crossing which is “hunting” people in Israel illegally…four are seated on the ground and waiting for others to come.  Only on Friday a Palestinian who just  wanted to earn a living was killed – someone was trigger-happy.


The National Road Company, which maintains the roads, is painting traffic markings on Highway 60, guarded by soldiers.  An accident involving two Palestinian cars near the village of Abda’a; an ambulance from the Hebron Hills Regional Council and paramedics who are settlers assist the injured … (a shared “fabric of life” among  unequals).


There’s a flying Border Police checkpoint at the junction between 9 and 10 in the morning…binoculars, drawn weapons, detained Palestinian women, two of them for a very long time…



Children are in the streets – school vacation because of exams. 

More apartheid fences around the Cave of the Patriarchs, more procedures…people are angry. 

Two detaineesinfo-icon at the checkpoint near ‘Abed’s shop…


Otherwise it’s quiet…