Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Shomron Crossing, Wed 16.1.13, Morning

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Hagar Zemer, Harriet Gotwein (reporting) Nadim (driver)

Translator: Hanna K.




9:30 We leave with Nadim from Kfar Kassem.

9:45 – Shomron CP – we passed without problem. Traffic flows from both directions.

9:55- Haris – The shops are open and children and families are on the street. This is the beginning of a two weeks' school holiday.

10:00 - Kif'l Harith' –most shops are open. A pedestrian sidewalk is being built.

10:05 - Qira -  The village is quiet, not much pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We arrived at the club, waited about 20 minutes for the women to arrive, and began our lessons.

This time it was possible to operate the heater. They explained that in the West Bankin general and in the village especially it is difficult to pay for the electricity. Perhaps we should consider how we could help them in this matter.are

At 11:15 we changed the groups around, so that each participant got a yoga lesson as well as an English lesson. We were told that part of the women did not arrive owing to the school holidays and part because of a funeral in the village.

12:10 We left the club. This time we didn't go on a tour.