Eliyahu Crossing, Jayyus, Kufr Jammal, Tue 11.12.12, Afternoon

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Alix Weitzmann, a guest (Rita, a physician from the US who’s volunteering for two weeks in Hebron to operate on children born with cleft palates), Sho

11:10  We stop at the closed checkpoint next to Alfey Menashe to give our guest a brief explanation.  Back to Highway 5 and then north.


11:45  We stop in Jayyous to buy olive oil from N.  Next to the grocery we talk with a young man who has an Israeli work permit.  He says that yesterday he arrived at the Azzun Atma checkpoint at 05:00, as he does every day, and went through only at 06:30.  He was one of 25 people detained for interrogation by the Shabak.  Their IDs were taken; after about an hour and a half they were asked a few questions and released.  The usual mistreatment.  He thinks that the speed at which you go through the checkpoint depends on the mood of the soldiers stationed there.


Eliyahu checkpoint– People go through quickly.  No delays.


12:15  Kufr Jimal – We stop at the grocery and talk with Dr. Farid, who went to medical school in Grenada and worked in Saudi Arabia for 18 years before returning to the village.  He doesn’t discuss politics because it’s hard for him to express himself in English, but says that every problem has a solution.  You just have to want to find it.  All his friends in the village want peace, to live in an independent country alongside Israel.  Since they’re weak, and Israel is strong, they need the world’s help.  Our physician guest is moved by the meeting with Dr. Farid.


13:00  Eliyahu checkpoint – We go through flying our flag and are stopped.  Our IDs are checked; our guest is asked to get out to be inspected in the office.  We wait on the side for Rita and I take out my camerainfo-icon to photograph the dog and dog handler inspecting a pickup truck.  A security man arrives immediately and warns me.  Though I managed to take a picture it’s not any good and I didn’t dare continue to photograph.

After about ten minutes Rita is released.  She reports the interrogation was polite; she told them only that she joined women from Machsom Watch on their circuit.  She didn’t tell them why she had come to Israel.


13:15  Habla – The gate is open.  No lines.  Cars, pickup trucks from the plant nurseries and the school bus come through.  Crossing goes quickly.