'Awarta, Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 27.12.12, Afternoon

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Pitzi S. Nurit P. Yehudiet Levin reporting

 Natanya translating.



13.50 Habla checkpoint.  There is a little traffic. A Palestinian tried to take a used fridge

 through to Habla village but the soldiers would not allow him to do so.

14.00 The Eliyahu crossing.Police are present and a dog manager and dog.

14.15Next to the village of Azzun.

  There is smoke on both sides of the road. It is not clear where the origin is.

There is a smell of burnt rubber.

 14.28 Jit crossroads.  An army Hummer stands  at the descent to Jit in the middle of the road.

All along the descent to Nablus (from the village All along the descent to Nablus (from the village   


All along the descent to Nablus (from the village

of Sara) 20 Palestinian vehicles wait in line without moving. 

(The passage to Nablus continues with no problem).

In answer to our question the commander says, "It is an order of the last few days". He asks, "What are you doing here?"  We reply, "Reporting on what we see."  There were 5 soldiers stopping the traffic, road spikes and signs to stop. As we stand there photographing,  the road spikes and signs are being collected and 10s of vehicles are allowed to pass with no checking.

IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT WE SHOULD BE THERE.  We phoned the operation room to check why this had been so and were told that they would check with the unit.  From there we got the answer, "There had been no checkpoint."

We told the operation room that if that had been a private enterprise of the soldiers it was  worth the unit knowing about it. We suggested we send photos.


14.50 Huwwara checkpoint.  At the sentry post we see a soldier. At the hitching post in the direction of Bracha settlement there is a new covered sentry post and inside is a soldier.  In  the building of the closed checkpoint (which had previously been used to check pedestrians) are two soldiers. The checking area of the cars is not manned.

For a change the banners which had been put up by settlers on the fence have been taken down.


15.00 Beit FurikCP…..not manned.


15.05 Awarta.The Iron bar is closed and locked.


15.10Next to the checkpoint of Burin-Huwwaraand road 60 is a jeep which is standing in the parking area in the direction of the village of Huwwara.


16.05 Za'tara/Tapuach CP…2 border police man the checking area but do not check.

16.33 Azzun Atma CP….The workers are returning. Sometimes a line forms and then empties.