South Hebron Hills, Tue 19.3.13, Morning

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Hagit B. (reporting) Mina (guest) and M. (driver)



Translator:  Charles K.


We paid a condolence call in Dura Al Fawwar.

Mahmoud Tamimi, age 22, was shot and killed by the army during the uproar in the center of Dura Al Fawwar, in Area A, one afternoon last week.  He hadn’t thrown rocks.  Area A is a Palestinian area; what were our forces doing there?

We received an emotional phone call telling us how important it would be to visit them…

My answer to the question of why it’s any of our business  -  “So Palestinians will see a different kind of Israeli…” – was manifested today, for we’ll all part of a single human fabric.

We drove through the winding lanes of the refugee camp and reached the family’s home.  A teacher from the school who speaks a little Hebrew accompanied us.  They brought us to the women’s area; we sat there for an hour and a half, silently, in tears.

Mahmoud’s aunts and mother are dressed in black, all the younger and older girls are angry and mourning.  Their only consolation is that he was killed for a just cause:  “Liberating Palestine.”

But why, why, why…

We have no words to describe the great sorrow.

The itchy trigger finger forgets that we’re all – every one of us – human beings.

Happy holiday.