Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Haris, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 19.3.13, Afternoon

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Noemi, guest, Petahya (reporting) Translator: Charles K.


13:40  Habla gate.  The children’s bus comes from Habla to the exit, three girls get off and are taken to the scanner for inspection, the bus awaits them outside.  When they came out I asked them why they in particular were taken to be inspected.  The answer:  they’re older and have ID cards.


Two Palestinians waited under the canopy near the gate.  When they saw us they began complaining that they’ve been waiting half an hour and the worker they hired to pick lemons isn’t being allowed through.  The soldier told him that “you can’t go through because of the holiday.”  I telephoned ‘Adel who didn’t understand what holiday she was talking about.  He promised to take care of it.  Meanwhile the two men got tired of waiting; they said they wanted to return home before the gate closed and they’d have to wait until evening.  I told them that it was being taken care of; they said they’d wait on the other side with their worker.  Meanwhile Tedesa telephoned me (after ‘Adel spoke to him); he said he’d spoken to the soldier in charge who told him that nothing like that had happened.  Meanwhile I see the three of them approaching the gate and told Tedesa that she’d just released him.


14:10  The Eliyahu crossing was filled with military vehicles; something must have happened, but they wouldn’t answer my questions.  We continued; two Hummers were parked opposite the entrance to Ma’aleh Shomron.  There were also soldiers at the entrance to Qedumim, and two jeeps.  Well, the lords have to be protected, no?


Jit junction.  A new military position on the north side behind the railing is manned.


Huwwara is empty.


Za’tara.  Manned, inspections underway with dogs.


16:10  A group of soldiers stood at the Hars traffic light on the north side behind the railing.  Five vehicles were detained for inspection.


16:20  Azzun Atma.  No laborers crossing.  We drove to the parking lot opposite Oranit where the Palestinian laborers get out of their transportation.  Three laborers were there.  They told us they were from Aqraba, planning to walk to the checkpoint and get a taxi from there because there are no taxis to their villages from where they’re let off.  It’s so disheartening…