Al Jib (Givat Zeev), Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Sun 7.4.13, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann, Dlit Baum and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)

Translating: Ruth Fleishman



During the desolate, blazing and dusty afternoon, arrived a group of women and small children after visiting their beloved ones at the military prison. Once again the absence (in the name of security?) of fathers, brothers and older sons was evident.


Peddlers talked about demonstrations that were held during the weekend near the checkpoint, about gas and shock grenades that were shot, traces of which were still scattered near the wall- a ritual that had become routine and would remain so until the flams rise and consume us all.


The person that employs Ahmed - the peddler from Falafel stand that is being held in Ofer prison- updated us that four days earlier Ahmed's arrest had been prolonged by an additional 40 days.

Ahmed has been imprisoned in Ofer jail for over three months, waiting for a trial regarding false accusations that the occupation had placed against him.



El Jib checkpoint:

The sides of the road leading to the checkpoint were fenced, creating a netted pen both narrow and long.


One could deduce about the hardship of the laborers that work in the settlements from something a young man said as he was making his way on the long path between the fences after a day's work: "I should go to the doctor because of the pain in my back from standing hear every day for two hours until passing".



All the exits from Ar-Ram to road 60 had been blocked by BP officers.

The commander on site explained that John Kerry was on his way to Ramallah and that the blockage would be removed only after three and a half hours. The rest of the road leading from Jaba checkpoint in the direction of the VIP lane had been closed to Palestinian vehicles. At the entrance to the settlements policemen stood by the side of their cars waiting for the convoy (but for three and a half hours?).