Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Sun 19.5.13, Afternoon

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Tamar Fleishman

Translating: Ruth Fleishman




The Palestinian person enters the world and exits it without any rights. The rules of occupation don't grant him the right for privacy in health or in sickness. Moreover, a dying person doesn't have the right for basic hygiene when his body's immune system is at its lowest.

Only due to her being a Palestinian cancer patient (from Nablus) who was returning from treatment at Augusta Victoria hospital, she was transported while exposed to the dust, the filth and the blazing sun above the parking lot.

When the paramedic told me about her condition, in spite my witnessing hundreds of similar incidents of women, men, children and babies, who had all been moved from one ambulance to another at that site, what came out of my mouth was: "wow", and the paramedic nodded.


The only testimony to the events of the Nakba day were the colour stains on the tower from which the teenagers were shot at with stun and gas grenades. In response they took out their rage on it.


To the parking lot on the Jerusalem side of the checkpoint arrived an armored vehicle of the border police, six Palestinian lads were taken off it and expelled into Palestine. The six who worked in Jerusalem without a permit from the GSS, were hunted down in the morning and were then detained for the entire day until their expulsion.



Two stray dogs were resting between the two checkpoint posts.

Once again the checkpoint hadn't been active during the entire day. The soldiers man it only on occasions, during the rest of the hours they stay in the pillbox. They came down on my behalf. They warned me it was dangerous to stand there and proceeded to argue that I was breaking the law because the checkpoint was in A territory. I suggested that we take a look at the map. To my surprise, for the first time in the years this ritual has been taking place, the checkpoint commander agreed, I took the map out and the commander together with the soldier that escorted him, learned that it wasn't territory A.

I left them work out the rest for themselves.