Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 26.5.13, Morning

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Ana S., Rachel A. (guest), Dalia G., Esther N. Tamar S. (reporting), Aliyah S. (translating)
A routine morning in the Palestinian occupation
9:40  We entered the territories through the Shomron Gate and went to Za'atra (Tapuach Junction). A few soldiers of the Border Guard were standing in the central area.
Huwarra checkpoint was quiet. There was just a little traffic in both directions,and no cars were stopped. We saw a few soldiers in the guards' positions and outside of them.
There was a military jeep with soldiers at the road into Yitzhar; this was unusual.
In the area that we monitored we saw a lot of military presence, more than usual, but we didn't see any activity.
11:15  We left through the Shomron Gate. This time a civilian female guard stood at the gate. She wished us well on our way. That's a welcome change!