Oranit settlement bus terminal, Shomron Crossing, Thu 7.3.13, Afternoon

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Demonstrators of various organizations. Nina S. reporting

Natanya translating.


16.00At the terminal of Oranit settlement all was quiet. A bus arrives with Palestinian passengers amongst the others.

16.30Yudith L. arrives and some other members say that cars are being stopped at the Shomron crossing at the entrance to the West Bank and it is not clear what is happening there. Because Oranit terminal was quiet and there were no police there Yudith and her friends remained while Ruthi K. and I went to the Shomron crossing.

On the road at the entrance to the crossing was a long line and the police were checking and watching to see who entered the West Bank. Parallel to the gate were some police and army cars and parked there were vans.


It seemed that everywhere where it was possible cars with Palestinians in them were being stopped and their documents checked in the police computer. It took about 10 minutes for each car depending on how many people there were of course. At least two young men were taken aside for a talk with someone, seemed to be from the (GSS) General Secret Service. After about an hour they were freed.


17.30We went back to Oranit terminal. Other women had arrived to demonstrate against the apartheid, conversations with settlers and discussions. No police.

Has it been decided to stop taking Palestinians off the buses at the east of the green line not that there are buses to Eyal and in the hopes that the Palestinians will return from there and not take the shorter route home through road 5. Maybe because of the commotion which was raised and that there were official declarations that they are allowed to travel? It is desirable to keep checking on Thursdays.