Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Shomron Crossing, Mon 24.6.13, Morning

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Harriet, Hagar (reporting), Nadim (driver), Translator: Charles K.


Harriet, Hagar (reporting), Nadim (driver)

Translator:  Charles K.


09:30  We met Nadim at the Rosh Ha’ayin train station and drove toward the Shomron crossing where there were four police vehicles.  On the way we saw two military jeeps at Maskha – one on the right, one on the left.  Further on we saw another military vehicle driving toward the crossing, and another was parked at the turn to Barkan.  Nadim thought someone important was about to visit the area.


09:50  We drove through Kifl Haris which was quiet, as usual.  There are many youths in the streets and more shops are open, probably because of summer vacation.


10:00  We continued to Qira, to the club.  This time ten women arrived, almost on time, accompanied by children and young girls (summer vacation) – so the club was filled to overflowing.  It’s important to note that none of the girls had their heads covered – they were sweet and lovely.


Harriet began the English lesson; the girls also participated (the small children waited outside).  She taught a song and played some games – it was delightful.


11:00  We moved to the exercise room (only the women – the girls and children remained to do things with Harriet).  We began the yoga class.  The women participate very seriously and do the exercises extremely well (including breathing exercises). I enjoy teaching them.


12:00  To mark the end of the program (Harriet will be on vacation for two months and Ramadan begins soon), Harriet laid the table with fruit and sweets she’d brought with her.  We had a little party for everyone there – women, girls and children.  We said goodbye, promising to return – either in mid-August (if there’s a replacement for Harriet) or the beginning of September.


12:30  Nadim arrives and we drive back via Hars – which is still quiet, as usual.  We saw no military jeeps this time.  This time we went through the Shomron crossing easily.